Alta Vista is located withing Estancia Anita, between the Perito Moreno glacier, Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, and the city of El Calafate, at the crossroad of provincial routes N.15 and N.60.


From Buenos Aires or any other Argentine city, you arrive by air at the El Calafate Internacional Airport or at Río Gallegos Airport. You can also come by land, along National Route Nº 3 to Río Gallegos and then along Provincial Routes Nº 5, National Route nº 40 and Provincial Route Nº 11 you arrive in El Calafate.

From El Calafate, 30 km away along “the Wool Route” (Provincial Route Nº 15) with panoramic views of Argentino Lake, you will get to Estancia Anita, only 3 km away from the gateway of Alta Vista.


It was founded in December 1927 and is located in the south shore of Lago Argentino, in the southwest of the Province of Santa Cruz. Its name comes from a plant, called Calafate, original from southern Patagonia. In summer it produces yellos flowers, and small purple berries during the summer. It is said that whoever tries the Calafate berries will return to Patagonia.

The weather is dry. Rainfall amounts to approximately 300mm every year. The maximum average temperature in the summer is 18ºC, and the minimum in the winter is -2ºC.


Buenos Aires 2800 km
Río Gallegos 350 km
El Calafate 33 km
Glaciar Perito Moreno 45 km
Lago Roca 15 km
Punta Bandera 20 km
El Chaltén / Fitz Roy 250 km
Puerto Natales (Chile)(ruta 40) 20 km
Ushuaia 950 km