Located between “Los Glaciares” National Park and the town of El Calafate, Alta Vista Inn is part of “Estancia Anita”, the biggest sheep farm of the area. With an extension of 165.000 acres, and 22.000 sheep, Alta Vista offers its guests a true Patagonian experience.

Alta Vista services, and the activities at Estancia Anita, including horseback rides, trekking, walks, cycling, and sharing farm work, are exclusive to its guests, creating an intimate environment.

Our exclusive services make us a "real home" to our guests: we make it a point to learn their likings, their tastes and their timing. Exquisiteness in gastronomy, excellency in wines in a relaxed, calm and an informal intimate atmosphere, for a truly Patagonian experience.

Alta Vista is a small 7 room exclusive inn with a large variety of activities only available to our guests, thus ensuring them a warm intimate atmosphere and a personalized service of excellence.